Begreen: the PILOT recycled products range

PILOT applies its philosophy and commitment to its business and production. Aware that the future depends on us all, using its expertise, the company decided to create the first range of recycled pens: Begreen.

With Begreen, PILOT's idea is to open up a new, more positive avenue for our planet.

What benefits does this represent for the environment?
Plastic is made from oil. By using recycled plastics, PILOT uses less oil and therefore contributes to preserving our natural resources.

Imagine: if all the pens produced in major European countries in one year were made of recycled plastic, that would allow us to save at least 78 000 tonnes of plastic which is the equivalent of:


 a plastic cube the size of a 30 floor building,

 a month of petrol for all the cars in Paris.

In concrete terms, the sales of Begreen pens in Europe, since its launch in 2006, is equivalent to a saving of over 1 215 tonnes of plastic.
To give you an idea of the environmental benefits, this is equivalent to the annual petrol consumption for over 1 700 cars!

Moreover, the use of refills also minimises plastic production. Do not throw away the body and the cap – these are the largest plastic parts of the pen:




 80% of our pens (ballpoints, gel ink pens, rollerballs) are refillable,

 100% of our ballpoint pens are refillable!

At PILOT, we think that it's through this type of behaviour that we can all contribute to protecting our environment.

Of course, this approach is not at the expense of our quality, technology and design requirements. The pens selected for the Begreen range have traditionally been some of the leading models in the standard PILOT range.

This type of manufacturing is even more ambitious and costly than standard production, but we have decided to sell pens in the Begreen range at the same price as normal PILOT pens. Furthermore, the Begreen range is large and varied enough for each customer to find the pen or pens which perfectly suit their requirements..

Discover our entire Begreen range.

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